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Bella Vista

Website Design, UI/UX, Typography, Branding, Layout

Bella Vista is a bed & breakfast in Texas. It is a rebrand project that I had a lot of fun doing. I wanted to really capture the Texas spirit in the website. The client I worked with had a lot of great photos for me to use of the interior of this B&B so I wanted to utalize those elements. 

Programs Used
ps icon.png


I redesigned the logo. The current one that was used (see rebrand comparison) really wasn't a logo but more a clipart type image.


This hero image had a lot of stars included which harkened to the branding. I used that image in the header and footer. 

The colors I used were very Texan. I did however use a darker red and blue then are used on the Texas state flag. I felt that if created better contrast in this design then just a straight hex code from the flag. 


Behind each component, I had some transparency so that it created interest with the wood background but was still readable.


I used iconography and dividers of flourishes with flowers because there were some flowers in the background of the original site and I thought that could be something to build off of but with a more delicate tone since this was a bed and breakfast. 

Color Palette

I used a subtle border on the top and bottom of each component that alternated between the red and blue colors from my color palette. 

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