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About Me

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About Me

I'm Rob. I'm a graphic designer and digital marketer based in Utah County. I grew up surrounded by mountains and I have always felt a connection to nature. My design is heavily influenced by the outdoors and the mountains. As a child, I was always drawing and involved in some kind of art project. Later in my 20's, I discovered graphic design. It was the perfect fit between art and using digital means to communicate visually. 

For the last 10 years, I have been involved in rock climbing. I've worked at climbing gyms, coached competitive climbing, and been an instructor. I see a connection between rock climbing and being creative. Much of my design reflects the style found in rock climbing. 

I believe in giving clients the best experience possible for creating graphic design. I strive to work with my clients but also educate them on design, web, and marketing trends. I have a background in marketing and spend most of my time building websites. I hope to share that knowledge with my clients as we work as a partnership on projects. 

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