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Wandering Moose

Branding, Typography, Logo Design

Wandering Moose is a project I did for a theoretical clothing company that embedded their clothing with trackable GPS devices. The purpose of this product is so people that like to hike alone can still be found or send out an alert if they get lost or hurt. There is a very similar product called Spot Locator but it is just a tracking device, not the clothing itself.


I wanted to create a logo that visually showed it was an outdoor product but also that it involved GPS. The idea for the name Moose, came from an animal that travels large distances and one that I could have interplay with an interesting logo. It was nice to have this kind of flexibility for a project, most of the time, you can’t just change the name to match ideas you have for a logo.


I had to do a lot of research on GPS locators, outdoor clothing and even the habits of moose. I feel like I came up with a strong logo but I feel like I still could do more with this design. I think this could even be paired with more technical gear instead of just a clothing company.

Programs Used
ps icon.png

On this hangtag, I wanted to have​ something simple to show the branding and typography in the wordmark. I used very neutral colors in this handtag because the target market is active outdoorsy people. I liked the texture of this tag that fit into that target market. 


The branding on these business cards I kept very simple. I wanted to have a heavier stock to match what had been done on the hangtags. The colors used in this are also very neutral but there is some of those same browns from the hangtags incorporated. I used the same heavy font and had the text with some embossing so it would stand out from the card and create some 3 dimensionality to this component. 

The secondary text was a very thin weight so the main emphasis was on the name. This thinner typeface would not be embossed because the production of such a thin weight would be difficult. 


For the actual apparel, I wanted to present something that wasn't too complicated but had an alternative image on it not used on other areas of the branding.

WanderingMooseshirt 2.jpg

I wanted to use this imagery on the shirt taken from the moose horns. It also has reference to a map and measurement lines found on the legend of a map. This is a component that I'd want to use more in the branding side of Wandering Moose.


This storefront signage When creating this storefront signage, I wanted to have something that stood out and was simple and sleek. I liked the dark color on this sign but it didn't feel like straight black so it stood out more than a dark black would. 

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