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Uinta Font Creation


Uinta is a san-serif minimalist font. I have designed a few fonts but I wanted to design one that was simple and had heavier letterforms. I liked the simplicity and masculinity of the shapes. I named it Uinta after the mountain range in Utah that I grew up hiking in.

Programs Used
full font family-01.png

I originally created this font with the intention of only having one style but the more I designed and tweaked it, the more I liked the idea of having a larger family. 

I considered doing a hairline weight that was really thin and then making an even heavier version for the extra bold. The main letter that gave me issues with the extra bold was the G. The spacing was so small that as I thickened it, it began to close. I could have altered this so it would have more space but I would have to alter all the fonts and I really liked how they were so I opted for the Extra bold that you see here. 

Although I intended to make masculine font, I think I could market this font towards women with thinner families. I also have considered creating an italic and even serif version of the family. 

Overall I'm really happy with how this font turned out. Although it's simple, it took a lot of work and it's a font I will use a lot in my design because of the different weights and versatility. 

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