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Tanner Frost Media Website Audit


The overall images of your website are fantastic. This is especially important because of your industry. I like the quality of the images that you have on your website.

The way you have the homepage set up, its more of a landing page. For SEO, it’s more advantageous to have the text and other links on your homepage. I think you could revamp this page to have these same links but also feature about you as a photographer, what makes you unique, and also feature other photographs that you’ve taken.


I like the simplicity of your header and how it’s sticky (remains visible when you scroll)


You could improve your branding by creating a true logo. This is a really easy fix and even if you don’t have one, you can find a font and have your business name. Even this small change, will improve your credibility.

Hero Image

This is a really nice image being shown. I think it establishes the type of photography that you shoot and showcases the quality of your work.


The typography you’ve chosen is a thinner weight font. It works really well for your brand, however, it can be harder to read if placed over an image. You’ve done this in many areas of the website. I could recommend either using a heavier weight on your font or using darker transparency over your images. You may want to play with this because transparency will take a little away from your images being showcased.


You’ve used lower case on your typography except on some of these buttons. I would just choose a style and stick to it. Either make your buttons all lower case or all caps.

I would also prefer that these buttons are the same size, even if the tag isn't as long.

I like that when you hover over your buttons they become opaque white. I would suggest looking at a heavier font style for these buttons as talked about in the typography section.


I like that your footer is an image. I would make it a little thinner of a footer. It may be that it feels that way on your homepage because it’s a smaller page for you. I would also suggest using some transparency so it feels more natural as a footer.

Social Media

Great job having your social media on here. This is a great way to link both your social media to your website and vise versa.

Other recommendations

I would recommend getting a google business account. You can include a link to this on your social media. This is a great and inexpensive way to boost your business. It also is a great place where clients can leave reviews.

The banner at the top showing your calendar sale is great but it’s not very visible. If you really feature that and make it one of the first things a viewer sees, this will boost your sales. If you’re wanting to use your site to sell, you will need to highlight a product.

Your overall metatags and SEO can be improved. There’s a lot that goes into this.

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