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Packaging, Photo Direction

The F2meals project was done in two parts. The first was designing the meal sleeve and then second was shooting that sleeve with Drew Manning for web and social. 

I had already worked on the brand guide and I was the lead designer for this meal sleeve design. I had to be aware of color, typography, iconography an overall print design. There were 12 iterations of this design due to brand updates and changing our printer. It was a long process but one that was very fulfilling once I had that meal sleeve in my hand.


Programs Used
ps icon.png
Sleeve_F2meals 1.6-01.jpg

This is the layout for the overall print design. I included the bleed-marks and guidelines so you're able to see the parameters that I worked in.

These sleeves went around a black tray that is vacuumed sealed with the food. We had the option of having a window on the food but went without it so we could include more content about the meals. Keto is a big part of this brand and we felt that it should be very clear in the packaging when customers are selecting a meal.


After the meal sleeves were designed and printed, there was a photoshoot with Drew Manning; the owner of F2meals.

We wanted a specific aesthetic for this photoshoot and had to shoot it in a way that not only matched the meals sleeves but featured them as part of the overall brand.



Drew also has other supplements and products that we included for the website. Some of these photos were combined later in processing so the meals and supplements could be in the same image.


Drew's tattoo is pretty recognizable so we wanted to include it in many of the shots.



Additional Detail Screenshots of the Sleeve

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 4.32_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 4.32_edited.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 4.32_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 4.31.48 PM.png
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