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Cleft Of The Rock

Website Design, UI/UX, Typography, Branding, Layout

I was really excited to work on this project. I love to be able to work on projects with a rustic and outdoor feel. This website is for cabins in the small town of Tok, Alaska. I felt that my experience with the outdoors and the style of marketing that they wanted was a great fit. This website was a rebranding project so I wanted to see what I could do to improve the design and really take what was good from the original site and improve upon it. 

Programs Used
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When I was doing research for this site, I knew that the images used would be key to make this a great site. If you view the Rebrand Comparison, you can see the original colors were not consistent or reflective of the brand that I wanted to go for. 

I spent a lot of time finding a hero image that worked with this website. I went through a few reiterations of images but settled on this one because I liked the muted browns but with a highlight of the gold color. I used the gold in the logo, icons and other areas sparingly.


I also added in a Navy blue color that paired well with the later gold. I ended up using this blue color as one of the primary colors in the site.


I wanted to use images that interacted with the text and weren't just in the background. I liked the composition of this image and so I used the text to balance the figure on the left.


The icons used were stylized hand drawn icons from the same icon set. Not only did they feel consistent with the style but I liked the hand drawn and natural look of them. 

Photo Formatting

I decided to use a circular photo set instead of the normal boxy look of photos. I also created a feather on the edge of the images to soften them. Throughout this landing page, I wanted there to be a smooth transition between elements and I think having gradients, fades and feathers helped keep this feel consistent. 


I wanted to create several chances for the viewer to book or click to other areas of the website so I created several buttons that served as calls to action. 


This map fit in really nicely. It had great colors and minimal design on it that felt great with the overall design. I always like to include a map on the home page for some context. 


I took the icon from the logo and repeated it on the footer. I took the text off because there is already a lot of text from the links. 

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